About Futures Cash Info

Futures Cash Info LLC (FCI) is an informational analysis firm. We analyze both fundamental and technical data in agricultural and other markets that defines market trends and strategies. Being equipped with the right information enhances the ability to capture potential opportunities for the producer, end-user, and investor. Let us give a sense of direction and guidance.

  • $97/mo.


    • Daily technical support and resistance levels
    • Use of three unique timing indicators Means “Being at the right place at the right time.” with Sue at the helm.
    • Special email alerts that will clue you to action
    • Access to Sue’s archived audio commentary that changes daily
  • $197/mo.


    • Yes, of course you get the run of the site wide content but other markets are included.
    • Also, as you can expect you have benefits that are not open to the General Public
    • You will get text messages alerting you to FYI information that will help you make decisions and keep you posted on the latest timely info.
    • Webinars are included with this subscription level.